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Directory of Addition Contractors
Average Home Addition Costs
(per square foot)
On average, it costs about $118.00 per square foot to build a home addition. However, depending on the quality of materials used and the complexity of the design, prices may range from $94-150 per square foot. Your location within the United States may also have a significant impact on the total cost.
$107.60 per sf
Buffalo, NY
$132.29 per sf
Charlotte, NC
$124.49 per sf
Chicago, IL
$114.11 per sf
Denver, CO
$153.01 per sf
Los Angeles, CA
$98.76 per sf
Tulsa, OK
$128.28 per sf
Seattle, WA
$151.46 per sf
Miami, FL
$105.51 per sf
Detroit, MI
$99.44 per sf
Nashville, TN
$108.49 per sf
Phoenix, AZ
$105.47 per sf
Dallas, TX
$101.16 per sf
Des Moines, IA
$114.72 per sf
Salt Lake City, UT

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